Could this be an upset special for the U11 Game of the Week? 1-1 AFFC takes on the unbeaten Hampton No Names. The No Names have certainly made a name for themselves this season, they'll take on a league veteran in the Force. Can Allegheny force an upset on Hampton or will they continue to kick butt and take names?
The No Names continue their assault on the U11 division. Despite the top ranking, they do not own the league's most lethal offense however, that title belongs to the Dynamite FC.

Dynamite Elite turns out a dud against the top ranked No Names. Can they regain their boom against Plum Premier?

AFFC has a chance to upset the top dogs in this week's featured match up. Can they knock the no names off the division's top seat?

Dynamite FC takes their #1 ranked offense into AFFC to take on the Force. Can their firepower get them back to the .500 mark?

Plum Premier with a chance to get back to even with a win over Fox Chapel. Will they be able to defuse the number two team in the league?

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